Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You will find answers to some niggling questions right here !


Tariff 1

  • Base Fare: NZD $ 2
  • Per Ride Minute: NZD $0.50
  • Price Per Unit: NZD $1.75
  • Cancellation Fee: NZD $10
  • Waiting Price Per Minute: NZD $ 1
  • Booking Fees: NZD $0.55
  • Minimum Fare: NZD $6.50


Tariff 2 (Hail Price)

  • Base Fare: NZD $ 1.75
  • Per Ride Minute: NZD $ 0.50
  • Price Per Unit: NZD $ 2
  • Waiting Price Per Minute: NZD $1
  • Booking Fees: NZD $0.55
  • Minimum Fare: NZD $6.50
  • Eftpos Electronic Transaction: NZD $ 1

List of Document Required

Vehicle Requirement

  1. Vehicle Insurance
  2. COF Certificate
  3. Vehicle Registration Certificate
  4. NZTA approved security camera in car (Car camera not required if you are driving in Timaru & Ashburton area)
  5. TSL Label (if you have a TSL label of your own)
  6. All Vehicles should not be more than 10 years old

Clean and Tidy Condition without any damage mark

Driver Partner

  1. Driving License (with P-Endorsement)
  2. Driver ID Card
  3. Bank Account Number

GST Number (if you are GST registered

Can I drive with King Cabs?

Anyone who has a valid NZ driver license with P-Endorsement and a suitable car manufactured should not be more than 10 years old can drive in Christchurch, Ashburton and Timaru.

What is commission rate of King Cab?

King Cab will provide sign up incentive to their Drivers as Drivers will only pay 5% commission for the first 2 months and 10% next 2 months from the launch date of King Cabs and after that commission rate Will be 18%.

What drivers have to pay if they sign up with King Cab?

There is no cost to sign up. Drivers needs Android or Ios smart phone with active data connection. Only private hire vehicles will be accepted.

What is the time frame of registration?

Once we have received the required documentation, we will contact to you within two working days. If you have been successful, vehicle will be required to bring into King Cabs office premises to check the vehicle meets quality standards. If you are using company’s SPSL you will be required to register with Logmate and choose King Cabs as operator to keep record of your logbook.

What is the King Cab's Cancellation policy?

Driver should reach at pick up location on time. Wait for minimum 5 minutes. If still not able to find customer you are allowed to cancel from your end. Company always verify all cancelled jobs. please go through with Terms and Conditions for details of Cancellation Policy.

Who do I contact if further questions?

Our email address is support@kingcabs.co.nz and you can contact us at 0275 TRAVEL

What is the registration process for King Cab?

First Drivers need to access the King Cab mobile app or visit the King Cab website. Drivers can register with their preferred emails and mobile number. Fill in your basic information to get started and upload all relevant documents online

Why drivers should sign up with King Cab?

King Cab app has many unique features as compare to other taxi app

        a)    SERVICES This is the new feature we are introducing first time in taxi industry.

        b)    Rent A Cab Hourly for multiple pickups

        c)    Tour Packages Available on fixed price all over the south island  and pre- booking.

        d)    Hail You can pick customers from the road and will use King Cabs app Tariff 2 to calculate fare. On this stage you will only be able to accept money by cash. Means more work on weekend. You must use king cabs door sign and fare sticker to use this feature.

This app will surely attract more customers on daily basis and  provide direct benefits to our divers.

VEHICLE INSPECTION - To ensure driver and rider safety every vehicle must be inspected.

WORK TIME LIMIT - Drivers can work a maximum of 13 hours in any 24-hour period. They must then take a break of at least 10 hours, as well as the standard half-hour breaks after every 5.5 hours of work time, this break time applicable even if they’re not driving. It is recommended that driving between midnight to 6 am be kept to a minimum

You can accumulate a total of 70 hours work time (known as a ‘cumulative work period’) before you must take a continuous break of at least 24 hours.


PAYMENT INFORMATION - We collect the full fare on your behalf directly from the client if they pay by card or bank. Once we have deducted our Commission. We transfer the balance in your Bank Account. Payment is made weekly and this clears in your bank account by the next day. Please enter your bank details via the Driver App or online