Rent A Cab & Tour Packages

Need a passenger car with driver by the hour or by the day? We propose the solution adapted to your expectations

  • For your business trips: Congress, Events or Business Dinner ..
  • For your personal trips: Dinner, parties, shopping or doctor’s appointment.
  • Dinner, parties, shopping or doctor’s appointment./strong>
  • Exceptional events:Weddings, Anniversaries, Receptions ..

For all these occasions, we provide a Chauffeur with a sedan or Van with all the necessary equipment on board to make your trip enjoyable.

Company is offering “Rent A Cab” service for customers/users to travel multiple location with just one booking within city limit. Its package starts from 1 hour and can extends up to 4 hours with some extra charges.

1 hour    15 Km                $ 50
2 hour    30 Km                $ 100
3 hour    45 Km                $ 150
4 hour    60 Km                $ 200

After completion of Distance or Time in all packages. Our system will start calculate additional Distance charges $1.90/ Km and Time charges $0.75/ minute and total amount will be added in the end of the fare.

Any Toll charges, Parking charges or Airport barrier fee NZD 5.5 will be additional.

Company also provides tour packages on fixed price fares for different location. It is advised to book advance booking minimum 1 day earlier for tour packages and make sure your booking is confirmed. Driver will be available whole day for tour package according to NZTA Work time limits for transport service drivers