Maxi Taxi (Airport Shuttle)


Enjoy your ride with your family & friends. Spacious vehicle with professional driver.


maxi taxi ( 10 Seater Taxi Van )Maxi Taxi ( 10 Seater Taxi Van )

King Cabs Maxi Taxi (Airport Shuttle) Service


King Cabs offer easy and affordable maxi taxi ride to our customers. Our friendly professional drivers will take you anywhere safely and offer you 5 star service. King Cabs offers door-to-door service between the airport and your home, workplace or accommodation.

Maxi Taxi is available to provide services for:-

  • Airport Pickup and Drop off
  • Bus Exchange Pickup and Drop off
  • Railway Station Pickup and Drop off
  • Hospital Pickup and Drop off
  • Corporate Transfers
  • Family Functions
  • Tour Service etc…

Airport Shuttle

maxi taxi

Maxi Taxi ( Christchurch Airport Shuttle ) Rate Card

  • Base Fare: NZD $ 4
  • Price Per Ride Minute: NZD $ 1
  • Price Per KM: NZD $ 4
  • Waiting Price Per Minute: NZD $1.4
  • Free Waiting Time: 5 minutes
  • Booking Fees: NZD $1.5
  • Minimum Fare: NZD $35
  • Eftpos Transaction: NZD $ 1
  • Cancel Charges 2 hours before the booking time: 100% fare amount
  • Airport Pickup & Drop off additional: NZD 5.50

Airport Drop off Minimum Fare: NZD 70.00

Airport Pickup Minimum Fare: NZD 84.00

Night time charges of 10% from 9.00 PM to 6.00 AM

Airport Shuttle & Maxi Taxi

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