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Good service is the key to achieve long term a relationship with Customers.

Drivers have a duty to help their Passenger with their luggage, and to check if anything is left behind at end of the ride.

Drivers must maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle.15.4   Make sure all Passengers are wearing seatbelts prior to moving off and keep them on during the ride. Where appropriate assist the Passenger.

Your vehicle should be clean and groomed properly inside and outside. Ensure there are no offensive odours in the vehicle.

Maintain a tidy dress sense at all times during working hours. Keep a check on personal body odour. This can be offensive to sensitive people. Tip: keep deodorant at hand if needed.

Drivers should also focus on making Passengers comfortable, by using appropriate language, making light conversation. Some Passengers like quiet rides, so only make conversation when spoken to.

Never take personal phone calls.

Never answer phones whilst driving. This is against New Zealand laws. If there is a complaint lodged about a Driver speaking on a phone during a ride, that Driver will be immediately suspended, pending an investigation.

Drivers are not to enter into heated discussions/arguments with difficult or obnoxious Passengers. Always show a helpful and caring nature to the Passengers.

When picking up Passengers, park the vehicle in a safe position and always welcome Passengers in a polite manner. Open the door for them and offer your assistance.

Every Customer is special. But some have their own special needs. Your role as a Driver is to assistance in a safe and respectful manner without infringing upon the person’s rights. Read your ‘Disabled Passenger Transport’ – ‘Training Manual’ for the Customers with special needs.

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