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Emergency Procedure

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k.1.      Drivers may be at risk due to unwanted circumstances arising from the nature of their work. The Company provides emergency contact numbers on its application. In the Driver’s app there is an option SOS. By clicking on that option, he/she can find 111 emergency services. A Customer/user can find this option in their app at bottom right corner. It is named ‘EMERGENCY’.

k.2.      The Company may also provide a SHARE RIDE link option to its Customers/Users at its application and by using this service a Customer/User can share his/her live location to his/her family/friends for live tracking. In any situation where either the Driver or the Customer/User believes that there is an emergency, they can use the emergency contact mentioned on the app. The Company provide a service where the cab can be monitored in real time to ensure that the passenger has arrived at their destination.

k.3.      Once the Ride is active, Drivers and Customers/Users both have options to call on 111 for emergency services in their apps.

k.4.      Further, it is advised to Drivers that if they find themselves in any unwanted situation, such as a robbery or demand for cash; just give to the offender. Remain calm and follow all of the offender’s instructions. The Company value its Driver’s personal safety over their one-day cash income.

k.5.      Once the incident is over, or police have arrived, and offender is in custody, the Driver will need to go to the office to complete an incident report form.

k.6.      Every person reacts differently on stress. The Driver should take at least 24 hours break to calm down before returning to work. If the Driver still feels shaken and under stress, consult your GP. For assistance you are always welcome to talk to us.

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