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Health and Safety


Manage stress in the workplace

If signs of stress are noticeable, then the Company encourages talking with the person stressed to identify and work out any potential quick solutions to the problem. If the stress cannot easily be managed, then talk further with the Company to work out potential solutions, such as stress leave.

Driver fatigue is recognised as a significant hazard in the workplace, and like any workplace hazard, the first priority must be to try and eliminate it. If this cannot be done, then minimisation must follow. It cannot be simply ignored. When a Driver is fatigued, their judgement and decision making may become adversely affected and their reaction times may become slower than normal. Fatigued Drivers are less able to judge how tired they are, meaning the risk of falling asleep whilst driving is greatly increased. Commercial Drivers need to be aware of fatigue.


Recognise the warning signs for fatigue: 

The list of warning signs is comprehensive. Some signs are; having trouble focusing, keeping eyes open or holding head up, daydreaming, wandering or disconnected thoughts, loss of memory, yawning or rubbing eyes repeatedly, drifting lanes, tailgating and missing signs or exits, feeling restless and irritable, being easily distracted.


Drivers are advised to follow these instructions to avoid fatigue:

  • Get a good night’s sleep before driving, preferably at least eight hours
  • Avoid driving during the hours when he/she would normally be sleeping
  • When taking long trips, plan the journey to include regular rest breaks, at least every two hours
  • Ensure to get plenty of fresh air, drink water, and snack on light and healthy snacks
  • Allow time for meal breaks and rests by stopping every two to three hours
  • Drive smoothly, and if the Driver wear glasses, make sure they are suitable for his/her eyesight, wear sunglasses in bright weather, getting in and out of the vehicle during the day and keep vehicle’s windscreen clean
  • Avoid taking any medication that may lead to drowsiness.


Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs

Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or medication that affects driving ability is strictly prohibited.

The Driver or Passengers must not smoke cigars, cigarettes, vaping devices or any other type of smoking inside the vehicle at any time.


Identification of hazard

Ensure safety for the customers, public and themselves by identification of pick up and drop off point hazards by:


  • Drivers having the responsibility to pick up their passenger from safe areas
  • Making sure the way is clear without any hazard to allow passenger to get in the vehicle safely
  • Drivers having the responsibility to make sure passenger’s luggage is safely stored and all doors are properly closed before driving off
  • Drivers ensuring all Passengers are wearing their seatbelts before driving off
  • Parking vehicle in such a way as to minimise hazards for passengers and other road users, such as bollards and road signs that may be in the way of opening a vehicle door
  • Drivers having a responsibility to drop off his/her Passengers at the correct place where the Passengers can safely transfer from the vehicle to the roadside or footpath
  • Ensuring that the vehicle has completely stopped at a safe area before allowing the Passengers to exit the vehicle.


Driving in high crime areas

Drivers may be at risk from Passenger’s violence and aggression, particularly as Drivers work alone with the public at night, in high crime areas, and potentially with cash in the vehicle. Drivers should develop procedures for working alone or in poorly lit or serviced areas such as keeping doors locked when alone in the vehicle and avoiding picking up hailing Passengers in known high risk areas. If the Driver finds a passenger under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, then he/she should discourage such solo Passengers from sitting directly behind them. Drivers can minimise the risks by remaining calm, speaking clearly in short sentences and not threatening aggressive Passengers.


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