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Refund Policy


As soon as the Customer’s/User’s order of a Ride is cancelled, if any amount has been paid by the Customer/User the appropriate refund (if any) is credited to the their account in their app wallet. This could take approximately seven business days to reflect in the Customer’s/User’s account. The Customer/User can use this for their next booking. This is not transferrable to any other Customer’s/User’s account.

If any refund for any extra charge or any other incorrect charge that has been charged to the Customer/User, then he/she has an option to claim it within seven working days of the booking only. The Company will not bear any responsibility for any delay on behalf of the Customer/User to claim the refund.

The User expressly agrees that, no refund will be applied if the journey is terminated on the way. If the payment mode of the Customer’s/User’s journey is not prepaid, then the full fair will be due to the Driver by the Customer/User. If needed, an invoice can be issued upon request.


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